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Welcome to the Taylor Venable's website. This page serves as a link to get to everywhere else, a kind of table of contents to the whole thing.

Briefly about me and this site: I'm a computing scientist who works for a local university. Academically, my interests cover programming languages (especially functional languages) and operating systems (especially BSD systems). I'm also interested in certain fields of algorithms, notably in numeric processing, concurrency, and data structures. I do a lot of learning on my own, so you will likely run across my attempts at self-learning in the code here on this site.

Disclaimer: the only domains I own are metasyntax.net, blastproof.net, and their sub-domains. I have absolutely nothing to do with any other domain containing the name “metasyntax.” Also, I don't do the social media thing, so anybody you might find on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In that shares my name is not me.

Source Code — Updated!

I've written a fair amount of code for myself over the years (although not nearly as much lately as I used to). I keep track of my source code using Mercurial, a distributed version control system that lies somewhere between Subversion and Git. Other people might find some of my work useful, so I have placed some public repositories in BitBucket. To clone a repository, just follow the instructions there. Documentation is published on this site, please look for it below.


This site is split into sections based on topic. These are listed below, along with the pages that are to be found underneath them. There may be other pages on here as well, but these "undocumented features" are apt to be moved or removed.

Programming Languages

As I said above, programming languages are about my favorite thing in computing science, so I have tended to work with a bunch of different ones over time. The first language I used was VAX BASIC in high school, then I learned Visual Basic and (very essential) C++. At Purdue, I learned Java before discovering Perl and Python on my own. Then I was off learning about Ruby, Tcl, Common Lisp, Haskell, and much more.


My Software

See also my generic BitBucket project, described above.


Unix Programs & Config




Some musings about music that I like.

Knives, Tools, Bags, and EDC



Honest reviews about stuff.


Information about me and the site. Personal appeals.


Pointers to locations in virtual space.

Programming Languages


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Note that this does not apply to the software that I have written which is available on this site. For specific rights and responsibilities related to source code, see the license page.

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