A truly awesome programmer's text editor, Vim can do just about anything, and always in a smaller number of keystrokes than any editor can provide. It also has an awesomely flexible scripting system for plugins, syntax highlighting, indentation rules, and more. I've written some code to go along with Vim, so here are some things.

BSD Make Syntax

Based on the GNU Make-oriented one which is distributed with Vim, this adds support for marking directives, targets, and features specific to BSD Make. Features include:


Clojure Syntax

Syntax support for the JVM Lisp language Clojure. Derived from Meikel Brandmeyer's Vim Clojure. Basically I extracted the syntax file and made some changes so it doesn't rely on external scripts.


Derby SQL Syntax

Adds custom SQL syntax support for Derby databases.


Scheme Syntax

Enhances C-within-Scheme syntax highlighting, essentially duplicating the functionality which exists when using Chicken for Gambit. Set the variable scheme_is_gambit either in the buffer or globally to enact highlighting within c-declare forms.


Tcl Syntax

I'm the official Tcl syntax maintainer, so the stable version is available on the Vim FTP site in the runtime directory. The current Mercurial version and its history are available on this site; the official version has a version number in the comments at the top (maybe a little unreliable due to the recent CVS to Mercurial switch). Also please see the page tracking progress on this syntax support.


Texinfo Syntax

Based on the official Texinfo syntax, enhanced with the ability to highlight verbatim blocks ala LaTeX mode.